Enticing Thai Food Restaurant!

Shaba Thai Cuisine’s prominence as one of the finest arenas to eat in Winnipeg has been established upon delicious and traditional old Thai Cuisine prepared with a fresh culinary vision and outlook.

Why Shaba Thai Cuisine

We are the finest Thai fish cuisine restaurant in Winnipeg and are excessively passionate about our unique aesthetic, at once informal and delicate, refined and pure. We target to deliver to this portion of Winnipeg the true enticing flavors of Thai cuisine which is widely recognized as one of the most delicious cuisines on the planet.

Thai Fish Cuisine
Thai Entree Dishes
Traditional Old Thai Cuisine

Our highly skilled professionals prepare culinary masterpieces from all regions of Thailand. Exotic herbs and spices used by our experts are to enhance the fresh flavors of Thai food. Here at Shaba Thai Cuisine, we even provide catering service, so that you can relish this on your special occasions.

Extensive Thai Food Restaurant Menu:

At Shaba Thai Cuisine, we utilize only the quality and fresh ingredients originated regionally including the best-refined herbs and spices. We are satisfied to assist you to choose from a spectrum of cosines including Authentic Thai Food, classical Thai soup, along with entrees to delicious Thai salads, rice, curries, stir-fries, and noodle.

Our cuisines are cooked and prepared when we receive your order to make certain your food is fresh and flavorsome when they are offered to you.

We are acknowledged to be the best Thai restaurants in Winnipeg as we are always cautious about our customer’s needs and so deliver quality and healthy cuisines to our clients.